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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
3:25 pm
20 Questions

  So as I was sayin', church went real well, and Scout and Jem seemed to enjoy themselves.  They both were burnin' with questions while we was walkin' home.

  I walked between them both as we walked.  Scout first asked why Helen Robinson couldn't get  a job. 
  "It's because of what folks say Tom's done. Folks aren't anxious to - to have anything to do with any of his family."  I told her.
  She asked me then what Tom did to get thrown in jail, and I wasn't so keen on explainin' it to her, so I told her to ask Mr. Finch.  How are you s'posed to explain rape to a child?
  I successfully changed the subject, and Jem soon after asked me about my schooling. 
  "Where'd you go to school, Cal?"
  "Nowhere." I answered. "Let's see now, who taught me my letters? It was Miss Maudie Atkinson's aunt, old Miss Buford-"
  Scout interrupted, amazed to find that I was so old.  I smiled and told her I was even older than her father.
  "What's your birthday, Cal?" Jem asked.
  I told him about how I didn't really have a birthday.  I've just always kept in on Christmas; it's a lot easier that way.
  We soon got into my history too, about how I came to serve for the Finches.  I've always served for either the Finches or the Bufords, and I moved up here to Maycomb when Mr. and Mrs. Finch married.  Matter of fact, Mr. Finch's father started my way to learnin' how to read.  He kindly gave me a book, Blackstone's Commentaries, which was 'bout the laws of Britain, and Miss Buford was the one who taught me to read out of it.  Used that same book, and the Bible, to teach my Zeebo how to read too.   Jem was sure shocked by that bit o' information, but I told him those were the only books I had.  You've got to make the best out of what you have.
  As we got near the house, Scout asked me if she could come see me sometimes over at my place.  I was surprised; didn't know she was so interested in my life and how I live. 
  "Any time you want to," I told her. "We'd be glad to have you."
  Just then, Jem told us to look over yonder, and he pointed to the porch.  Scout and I looked up to see Miss Alexandra Finch sittin' on the porch, like she'd been there all her life.

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
6:53 pm
Going to first day of school

      Today is the beginning of the school year.  And Scout going for the first time to school.  I see that she is real excited to go to school I just hope that she won't be disapointed. I know that Scout will do real good in school  'cause she's smart, but I am worried. Atticus ask me to take Scout to school, but I wasn't all jumping up about it. Isn't it supposed to be the parents to take the kids on their first day of school?  I guess I am a parent too and I want to help Atticus. I tooked Scout to school.
    As Scout and I were passing by  the Radley place I remembered somethin' that I wanted to tell Scout. I tried to tell Scout the best way I could. I told her " You are to be with the first grade and I with the fifth grade."  I knew that she understood. And then she asked "You mean we can't play any more?" When she asked that did'n know how to explain to Scout that in school I wanted to be with my friends and play games with them. I feel that if Scout was there with me and my friends I wont be my own self. I just said " We'll do like we always do at home," " But you'll see--school's different."  I hope that Scout understands me. I know that she is going to be fine. Scout'll understand what I mean when we get to school. Scout please don't get me wrong. I care about you and I want you tobe fine. I bet you'll make many friends.

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5:28 pm
Sunday Mornin'
Church actually went well this morning, for the most part.

  I slept over the Finches house last night, on my cot in the kitchen.  This mornin' I got up bright and early to get my kids ready.  I had washed them the night before, so all I had to do was to go over their clothes.  Scout was a bit bothered by all the starch I put in her dress, but she managed, and  Jem was 'bout to walk out of the house with a blue suit and green tie. Can you imagine? I had him change his tie before we left.
  Now First Purchase African M.E. Church sits outside the town limit, across those old sawmill tracks down yonder.  They call it First Purchase 'cause it was purchased by the first earnings of freed slaves. That is somethin' isn't it? We got the white men gamblin' themselves to death in it on weekdays though, a shame that is.  Gamblin' in the church; Lord have mercy.
  Anyhow, most everyone was real kind when I led Scout and Jem on through.  Of course Miss Lula had to show up with her sass though; talkin' to me like I ain't got no sense bringing the kids with me.  Scout and Jem wanted to leave after her pestering, but I told her off.  Won't let no one talk bad 'bout my kids.  
  We entered the church and Reverend Sykes led us to the front pew.  I noticed Scout's curiosity as she looked around inside.  We ain't got much in the church, no piano or bulletin's like she's used to: just some paper fans and a paintin' of Jesus up on the wall.  We also have a hymn book, which one person reads out loud and then the congregation sings in repetition when it's time.  Scout didn't understand that too much, nor Jem.  He asked why we just didn't get more hymn books, and I told him it'd be no use: only four in the church, includin' me, can read.  Despite that, I wanted to show my kids that we ain't so bad off without havin' all the things they had at they's church.  We could still have ourselves a nice service, and we did.  
  It was mighty funny though, seein' the look on Scout's face when Reverend counted the offering and asked for more; she was right bewildered.  She soon found out that Miss Helen Robinson, Tom Robinson's wife, needed the money for her kids, since Tom ain't brining home money right now.
  After the service, Scout and Jem had so many questions; too many to count I'd say.
   Dinner's waitin' to be made; I'll finish this up after.
8:48 pm
Losing the Trial
     I think it  might be the start of the beginning.  I think that because it took the jury so long to come up with the guilty verdict.  The jury's decision hurt Jem more than me though, because I already had an idea what would happen.  I tried to warn him that we wouldn't win, but he's a young boy with romantic notions.  It nearly breaks my heart to see him so shattered.  That has an affect on Scout too.  I think we have a chance at the appeals courts though.  If the length of time it took to come up with the verdict has any indication, we'd win.  Plus, Mayella Ewell would crack under any more pressure.  Her already shaky story would also collapse.  Of course, some people would not want for Tom to get a different verdict so it isn't guaranteed that we'll win.
     Alexandria told me that I'm the last person she expected to get bitter over the jury's decision.  I told her I wasn't bitter, but maybe I am.  I suppose I'm worried what long-term affect this will have on my kids.  I said I was tired, but there's more to it.  I am upset that Jem and Scout have to go through this.  I know they are bullied, but I can't mess around with this case.  There's so much at stake.  I suppose Tom is lucky that Judge Taylor assigned him to me.  Many other lawyers would not put half so much effort into trying to save his life as I have.  An innocent man deserves the best though.

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4:37 pm
The kids playing Boo Radley
     Today when I walked outside, I saw Jem, Scout, and Dill playing a game that I can only connect to the rumors about Arthur Radley.  I suppose they called him Boo though.  I find it so hard to believe that they can play a game about a man who can't defend himself.  I thought I had brought 'em up better than that.   Maybe in time they'll realize that not every rumor is true.  Heaven knows Arthur isn't a monster like some people would have you believe.  Someday maybe they'll really understand that you can't judge a person by what other people say.  Half the time, those people exaggerate to make it seem like they are more knoweledgable than they really are.
     I hope one of these days they do get to meet Arthur.  Then, they'll really understand about the whole cliched "don't judge a book by it's cover."  I thought my kids wouldn't believe the rumors, and go above the status-quo, but they're the same as any human beings.  I guess I realize that now, I used to always view them as otherworldly but now I realize that they are growing up, and I have to teach them the right way, because they will get confused in all the drama along their pathway to adult-hood.  Now that I realize this, it makes them seem more precious than before. 

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5:28 pm
Scout's Troubles
 I had to comfort Scout the other day about somethin' mean Jem said to her. I told her that Jem was growin' up and that she didn't have to worry about him none. He would be changin' and goin' off by himself a lot, and doin' whatever it is boys like to be doin'.
  "Yeah, he's just about a Mister Jem now," I told her.
  Scout didn't understand too well, but I told her she could always come with me in the kitchen when she was feeling lonesome. That's what she's been doin' for a while now, and I like her company. She'll watch me and ask questions while I cook and clean around the house. I hope I can have a good influence on her; Lord knows she needs a good mother figure with her bein' around Atticus and Jem so much. Mind you, I ain't got nothin' against Mr. Finch and Mr. Jem's influence, but Scout's got to learn some lady-like things, sooner or later.
  To add to her sadness, her little friend Dill hasn't come up this summer. She's been mopin' about and things. Atticus has
been gone too. He's off with the legislature somewhere, and he won't be back for another two weeks. I do feel sorry for Scout.
  I suppose I'll be takin' both Jem and Scout to church with me this Sunday then. That'll be interestin'. I'll have to bathe Scout
real well, and iron press her dress. I'll have to make sure Jem looks well put together too; I don't want folks thinkin' I don't take care of my kids. I'm sure things'll go well. Reverend Sykes and the church is very much acceptin' to others and all. I just hope that that Lula doesn't come up around and ruin things. She's been a troublemaker for a mighty long while now. I won't mind her though.
  Well, dinner isn't gonna cook itself; I'd best be going.
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
5:40 pm
Tim Johnson
 Just yesterday afternoon, I was in the kitchen fixing up lunch when Scout and Jem came running in. 
"Cal," said Jem, "can you come down the sidewalk a minute?"
  I sighed.  He knew I had more important things to do, but I went on with them anyway.  Jem said there was a dog actin' a bit funny down the street.
  We walked down past the Radley's home, and I didn't see anything at first glance, but then Jem pointed and I saw the dog.  He was actin' funny alright, twitching and walking lopsided towards us.  I paused for a minute, the image registerin' in my mind.  It was Tim Johnson, Mr. Harry Johnson's dog, and he looked like he'd gone mad.  
  "But in the middle of February?" I asked myself. "No...couldn't be."  
  But as he drew closer, I could see it in his movement: Tim Johnson had rabies. 
 I immediately rushed the children into the house and called up Mr. Finch.  I was right scared out of my mind, though I had seen this kind of thing before, but not in the middle of February; usually dogs became mad later in the year.  When Atticus picked up, I shouted, "Mr. Finch! This is Cal. I swear to God there's a mad dog down the street a piece - he's comin' this way, yes sir, he's - Mr. Finch, I declare he is - old Tim Johnson, yes sir ... yessir ...  yes - "
  I hung up the phone, glad Atticus and Heck Tate, the sheriff, were on their way.  I picked up the phone again and dialed Elua May, tellin' her to phone everyone on the street to warn about the dog.  Frantically, I searched through the phone book. Realizing the Radley's didn't have a phone, I raced over there to tell 'em, leaving Jem's voice of reason behind.  He was yellin' somethin' 'bout how it'd be no use to tell the Radleys', but God Almighty I wouldn't know what to do with myself if they were to get hurt 'cause I didn' tell them nothin'. 
  After many unsuccessful attempts at knockin' on their door, I turned back around to the street seeing Mr. Finch and Mr. Tate pullin' up.  In my frantic state, I was surprised to see the sheriff behavin' so calm-like.  He said they'd wait to see which way the dog would go: into the Radley's yard, or towards us, down the street. 
  The whole town was quiet; doors were shut and faces were visible through windows.  We anxiously held our breaths as Tim wobbled down that street. 
"He's got it all right, Mr. Finch," Mr. Tate said.
  Atticus motioned for me to go on inside, and I did with the children.  I wanted to block them with my body; didn't want Scout and Jem to see nothin' gruesome, but they poked their lil' heads on through anyway.  
  We watched as Mr. Tate threw his gun over to Atticus.  I heard a gasp from the children as they watched their father take aim at Tim, reluctantly I might add.  The gun went off, and Tim leaped and fell onto his side.
  Doors opened, and Jem ran to his father.  Scout went to Miss Maudie, and Zeebo came with the trash dump to collect the dog.  
  I wondered if the children knew about their father's good aim with a rifle; I guess they knew now.
  I sighed and went back into the kitchen.  "What would happen next?" I wondered.
5:58 pm
To Kill A Mockingbird

    "Yes sir, I understand.  Mr. Tate was right," Scout said.
     "What do you mean?" I said.
     "Well, it'd be sort of like shootin' a mockingbird, wouldn't it?"
     As I considered this, I felt proud of Scout.  Even though she was younger than me, she was innocent and the way she saw things reflected that.  She was right though.  I remembered about how it was a sin to kill a mockingbird.  Mockingbirds do nothing to harm others; all they do is sing.  This is exactly like Arthur.  Even the fact that Arthur would be found innocent does not change anything.  He would be miserable in the limelight of the town.  The rumors would also begin again, and everyone who meets him knows that Arthur would never purposely hurt anyone.
     Besides, it would be wrong to make a man suffer when he was doing nothing but preventing a crime.  It would be a waste to give Bob the satisfaction of one more life gone because of him.  Bob Ewell is trash, and the town is already under strain from his lies.  Heck Tate is right, let the dead bury the dead.  The only people who would suffer are the living.  It would be a sin to drag shy Arthur into the limelight and I don't want it hanging over my head.  At least Scout understands; Bob Ewell fell on his knife while attacking two children. 

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Sunday, April 1st, 2007
8:36 pm

     When Jem and Scout were coming back from the school after the pageant, Bob Ewell jumped 'em.  I feel so guilty.  Guilty for letting them go alone, for not being there when they needed me.  Guilty for letting them get hurt, then not realizing that Heck Tate was right and Jem hadn't killed Bob.  Most of all, guilty for not doing something about Ewell when I had the chance.  I failed my children by not stopping him.  I thought letting Bob spit in my face was enough.  Somehow, cussing me out was not enough.  Maybe it's just me, believing everyone deserves a second chance.  
     I thought it was great that Bob couldn't go home and beat his children.  Now I realize that it only added to his frustration of not being able to do what he really wanted, to get me.  I ruined his credibility, and he grudges me for it.  I thought I was so smart, and here I am with two injured kids.  It would have been my fault if either of them had died.  Heck did say that Scout's pork costume had saved her.  Tonight was the worst night of my life, and I owe all my thanks to Arthur.  Now that I think about it, he came out when he had too, just as I shot when I had to.  I can't imagine how hard it must have been for him, but he wanted to protect his children and I'll never forget.
     I can't believe that Bob would try to harm my kids, but maybe Heck's right.  Bob's the type of person you have to shoot before saying hello, and even then he's not worth the bullet it took to shoot him.

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6:53 pm
Mr. Ewell at the Trial

     Bob Ewell today, as I was examining him at the trial, made me realize how much like trash he really was.  He nearly made me sick, him just sitting up there on the stand as smug as could be.  Does he really think he can hide what he did to Mayella?  Well, no matter how the jury votes, the truth will come out.  Even if Tom does get a death sentence, Bob's credibility will be shot.  Shoot!, no one trusts him anyways.
     His attempts to be funny are very straining.  He sure thinks that he will get away scot-free.  Even though I will probably lose in the literal sense of the word, he will be the one to lose everything.  Not that he has anything worth losing...
     We got him!!  Bob admits to being ambidexterous, in fact, he even wrote out his name with his left hand.  With one look at Tom, the jury will have to see how many holes are in the Ewells' story.  Hopefully the jury will be able to break free from the mistakes of the past.

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6:29 pm
Jailhouse Confrontation
     Today Scout, Jem, and Dill scared me half to death.  When they came charging into the jail, I was afraid that one of them would get hurt, or they would see something not fit for their eyes.  I started arguing with Jem, trying to get him to leave when I noticed Scout striking up a conversation with Walter Cunningham.  To my shock, she seemed to have an affect of, I don't know how else to say it, innocence.  She shamed him.  She shamed him real good.  
     In fact, Scout did what no grown man was able to do:  she stopped them.  She was the one reason that Tom Robinson lived.  Without her I don't want to think about what would have happened.  It was an incredible sight to see those grown men, who had come to the jail with a mission, one they felt strongly about, and to see them shuffle out to their cars confused.
     I feel real proud of Jem and Scout tonight.  Jem, for standing up for me and fighting to stay.  He's sure grown up, and soon he's gonna be one heck of a man.  Scout, well, I'm proud of Scout for doing what I taught her.  She was right to fight for her brother, though I wish she would have not kicked the man.

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Saturday, March 31st, 2007
10:15 pm
Well, I'm Calpurnia.  I've been serving for the Finches ever since Jem was born.  His mother died when Scout was 'bout two.  Kind woman Mrs. Finch was.  Atticus, their father, hired me to fill in for the motherly jobs I suppose, and I enjoy it enough.  Scout and Jem, my kids I call them, are a right handful, but I try to look after them the best I can.  I've got kids of my own, so to speak:  Zeebo is the oldest, and I'm right proud of him.  Taught him to read, and he's grown with his own kids: my grandbabies. 
  The other night Miss Maudie's home went up in flames.  I felt mighty sorry for that woman, yet she was smiling like nothing went wrong last time I saw her.  She'd been saying for a while how she hated that ol' house; she wanted more room for her flowers and whatnot. 
  The night of the fire the whole town was out watchin' the damage it was doing.  Mr. Avery was stuck up in the burning house for a moment or two; he'd been trying to get the furniture out before it was all destroyed.  Unfortunately, he fell out the window trying to escape the flames. Lucky for him, Miss Maudie's shrubs broke his fall.
  Scout must've been so enthralled by the scene she didn't realize Arthur Radley himself came up behind her.  Sure kind of him to drape a blanket over her; it's been mighty cold with winter here and all.  The kids were sure surprised when they found out who they missed.  
  Now Arthur, or Boo as they call him, has been shut up tight in the Radley house for a mighty long time.  Don't know much about him myself, much like the rest of Maycomb, but he'll come out again when he' s ready, I'm sure.  Jem and Scout have taken an interest in him lately though.  Atticus has warned them to not disturb him and the Radleys, 'cause it wouldn't be right.  
  Well, Scout and Jem'll be up shortly, so I'll be on my way.
2:08 pm
Treasure in the tree.

The rest of my schooldays went by just like the first day did. Everyday I couldn’t read nor write and I waited until it was time to go home. One day while passing by the Radley place, I saw something shining in the knothole of the tree. I looked around to see if anyone was around and saw no one. I went to the knothole and stood on my toes to see what was inside there. As I looked inside I saw that there were some pieces of gum in there with their shiny wrapper still on them. The gum looked new and my first intentions were to eat it. I looked at the wrapper closely and then crammed it into mouth
                            “Scout, what do you have in your mouth?” Jem asked me.

                            “It’s some gum I found in the knothole of the Radley’s tree.” I said.

                          “Well spit it out Scout! You know you shouldn’t eat things you find off the ground!!” Jem said. I did as I was told and spat out the gum. Jem told me to never go near that tree again and if I ever took anything else out of it that he would tell Calpurnia on me. 
                        That night as I lay in bed I wondered who had put the gum in the knothole of the Radley's tree. Could it have been Boo Radley? We had tried to find out who he was and he probably didn't like that, so he could have tried to revenge on us. I looked over at Jem, but saw he was asleep so I didn't tell Jem any of it.

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8:34 am
Reading with Atticus
                       After supper, Atticus called me over to read with him. It was our everyday routine that after supper Atticus would get fifteen minutes to himself to read and because I loved reading he would sometimes let me read with him. Since school, I hadn't felt very good. How could I not read or write for a whole year? That would be impossible for me. I told Atticus that I didn't feel well and went outside. I heard Atticus footsteps following behind me.
                              "What's wrong Scout?" he asked.
                              " I hate school Atticus. I can't read or write. All we ever do is listen to stories. Jem says they're using a new way of teachin call the Dewey Decimal System. And I hate it!" I said. Atticus was quiet for sometime. At one point I thought he may have fallen asleep but when I looked over I saw that he was sitting there and thinking.
                              "Scout. I ain't gonna keep you at home. I'm going to give you a dose of magnesia and you'll be back at school tomorrow. Though Scout I want you to think. Miss Caroline is trying to make learning easier for you. She doesn't hate you, its just that you might know more then the other children. Scout, imagine if you could take a walk in her shoes. Then you might be able to understand what Miss Caroline is trying to teach you." he said.
                               That night I lay in bed and thought about what he had said to me. In a way Atticus was right. If I took a walk in her shoes I might be able to understand what Miss Caroline was going through. After that I fell asleep in bed and didn't wake up until the sun came up.
Thursday, March 29th, 2007
4:31 pm

                                       That afternoon Me and Jem ran to meet Atticus coming home from work. It was our usual routine to run up and meet him as soon as we saw him by the Post Office corner. He seemed to have forgotten how I had come home from school all gloomy and he was full of questions about school Not being so enthusiastic about school, I answered with only a few words. Atticus seemed to understand I didn't like school and didn't want to answer any questions about it so he didn't push me to answer anymore. When we got home, Atticus went to get freshened up, and Jem was outside so Calpurnia let me watch her fix supper.  A few minutes later Calpurnia told me to close my eyes. I knew for a fact that she was going to give me a surprise.
                                 ''What is it Calpurnia?'' I asked.
                                 ''Just open your mouth Scout." she told me. I opened my mouth and I felt something soft yet crunchy. It was crackling bread. I hadn't had that for a long time and since Calpurnia had to look after us when we were at home she didn't have much time to ever make it.
                                 ''I got very lonely today Scout. So lonely that at about two this afternoon I had to turn on the radio," she told me. I told her thank you and left the kitchen. In someways I felt guilty about talking about Calpurnia so badly after lunch. She always taught me right from wrong and I had repayed her by talking about her behind her back. I felt very guilty. I promised myself that I wouldn't ever talk about Cal again.

3:52 pm
School after Lunch
                        I went back to school and hated Caluprnia as much as before. I enter the class and heard Miss Caroline shriek.
                     "It's alive!" she shouted. I look around and see the boy population of my class run to her. No one seemed to have a clue as to what Miss Caroline was screaming about. I on the other hand thought she must have seen a bug and started screaming. Little Chuck Little asked Miss Caroline where the thing went. She pointed towards a person who was huddling in the corner.
                     ''Him Miss Caroline? Why he's just a student!" said Little Chuck Little.
                     ''No not him. Something just came out of his hair when I went towards him" she said.
                     ''Why ma'am, it's just a little ol cootie. No need to be afraid of it,'' he said to Miss Caroline.
               I was thinkin she was scared of a bug or maybe even a mouse,but here she goes screming about a cootie!? Ain't no cootie gonna hurt her. The kid with the cootie wasthe Ewell's kid. Burris Ewell was his name. Miss Caroline went and told him to go home and wash his hair. He said he ain't coming here another day. Today was his first and his last day of school.
              I wished I could be ble to do that. Only go to school one day and never go back again. The way this day was going it made me never wanna go to school again. That day after school I had to once again pass the Radley place. I felt as gloomy as the Radley house. Mainly, I didn't like school at all. It was nothing like I had imagined it to be. No homework,and no learning. I hate school.

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Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
5:45 pm
Lunch with Walter.
                         Me, Walter, and Jem walk home for lunch. On the way home Jem has fun pointing out the Boo Radley's house. We get home and I tell Calpurnia to get an extra plate on the table as we have brought a friend home for her lunch. We all sit down for lunch and Atticus and Walter start talking about big grown up stuff like farming. While we were eating I see Walter drowning his whole food in syrup. I say "Look at him, he's gone and drowned his whole lunch up in syrup. Calpurnia gets mad at me and calls me into the kitchen. She tells me that I shouldn't say stuff like that to a guest. I tell her that Walter's just a Cunningham and he ain't got no manners at all. She tells me it don't matter who he is or what family he came from but that he's a real person. I go back to the table and start eating my lunch.
                      Sometimes I hate Calpurnia so much. When she told me i shouldn't talk like that to a Cunningham I felt like askin her who are you to me? You ain't my mother and you can never take her place. I tell Atticus that Calpurnia don't like me as much as she like Jem. She must think Jem has no flaws in him or she just doesn't see his flaws. Atticus tells me to mind what I say about Calpurnia. He tells me that she only keeps me out of what trouble she can keep me outta. He tells me that if Cal wasn't around then there'd be no homemade meals in this house. He said that if there were no Cal then the house wouldn't even run! I thought about this with a cool mind and thought that he was kinda right.

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7:57 pm
One-Shot Finch
 "Take him, Mr. Finch."  Mr. Tate handed the rifle to me.
     "Don't waste time, Heck," I said.  "Go on."  
     "Mr. Finch, this is a one-shot job."
     While I was shaking my head vehemently I said, "Don't just stand there, Heck!  He won't wait all day for you--"
     "For God's sake, Mr. Finch, look where he is!  Miss and you'll go straight into the Radley house!  I can't shoot that well and you know it!"
     "I haven't shot a gun in thirty years--"  
     "I'd feel mighty comfortable if you did right now,"  Heck said as he nearly tossed the rifle at me.
     With a sigh I realized it was a useless fight.  Heck was determined to pass along the duty of killing Tim Johnson to me, and there was no way I could truly stop him.  I uttered a quick prayer to the Lord because I sure knew I was going to need all the luck I could get.
     With that I strode forward at a brisk pace.  Despite the quickness of my movement, I felt enormous pressure and the enhanced sensation of every eye on the street being glued on me.  Once I got into position, I impatiently shoved my glasses up to the top of my head.  They quickly fell down, and I dropped them on the street.  With a crack they broke, and I rubbed my face restlessly.
     Right then, in front of the Radley gate, Tim Johnson finally made up his mind and started walking back the way he had come.  After two steps forward, he stopped suddenly and raised his head.  As his body went rigid, I realized that this would be the best chance I would have.
     Moving quickly I yanked a ball-tipped lever as I brought the gun to my shoulder.  Then, I pulled the trigger and Tim Johnson flopped down dead on the sidewalk, dead.                                                                                                                           
    Now that Tim Johnson was dead I gave myself time to remember the feel of a gun against my hand.  The rifle was smooth and felt like it was built to fit my hand.  The feelings also came with the memory that I had told myself that I would not shoot until I had to.  Well, I had to shoot today and what happened happened.  As I accepted this I finally felt at peace with my prowess with a gun.

5:00 pm
                              So its almost lunchtime now. Miss Caroline asked us to get out our lunches out and then she would come by and inspect them all. She went past me and went to Walter's empty desk. Now one thing you should know about Walter is that he's poor and he doesn't have that much money. So what Miss Caroline does is very embarassing to him. She hands him some money. Walter won't except it.  I stand up and tell Miss Caroline that he's a Cummingham. She still doesn't seem to get it because she's looking at me all puzzled, so I tell her he's a poor guy and he won't accept the money. She tells me that she's had enough of me and tells me to hold out my hands. I thought maybe she was going to spit in my hand because thata what people in Maycomb do when they tell you that. Instead she hits my palm with a ruler several times.
                           I later found Walter in the playround. I started rubbing his face in the dirt because he had got me in trouble for standing up for him. Jem came by and told me to stop doin it because I was alot bigger then he was. I explained to him what had happened in class with his lunch and Jem invited him over for lunch. At first I was furious for him inviting Walter to lunch after he had gotten me in trouble. But i thought it over a little and I started walking towards home with them. I could almost smell those butterbeans half way home.

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Sunday, March 25th, 2007
9:27 am
How I hate school...

                                    Miss Caroline don't know nothing. I thought school'd be fun, but boy was I ever wrong. Miss Caroline says Atticus taught me how to read when Atticus doesn't even have time to teach me! She thought I telling a lie! How dare she think that Scout Finch would lie. Jem been said that i was born reading and she comin over and sayin "Ain't nobody born reading." Then she goes and says Atticus can't teach too. I didn't wanna argue anymore with her so I just say Sorry and go back to my seat. I knew she hated me now cus I could read so I didn't bother her all during class.
                           At recess, Jem pulled me out of the bunch of first graders and asked me how the fiest day was going. I told him the teacher be hating me. He said those teachers had a new wqay of teaching this year. It required no books what so ever. I was pretty surprised. I thought school required lots of books and here they were trying to teach us without books. He said it was somethin called The Dewey Decimal System. When recess was over I went to class and started a letter to Dill. Miss Caroline caught me writing his letter and told me that no first grader writes in first grade. They write in third grade. I'm gonna really hate school this year.

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